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Wrongful Death Lawyer in Richmond

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Any attorney for wrongful death cases can tell you that nobody ever expects that their loved one could be killed in an auto accident due to a negligent driver. Or a loved one under a doctor’s care should expect that the doctor does not diagnose a symptom and improperly prescribe medicine that kills the person. If the unfortunate situation arises and you lose a loved one due to wrongful, you need to contact a wrongful death lawyer. Your best bet is to call a Wrongful death attorney at CAIL to get a FREE case evaluation, call 1-800-HURT-123 today.

Hopefully, you go through your entire life and never have this happen to you. Sadly, this is not the case for thousands of people in this country every year. There are roughly 150,000 unintentional deaths in the US every year. Of these, almost 40,000 are the result of a car accident.

The idea that someone is on the road driving drunk or texting and driving is scary. The notion that you or someone you love could be killed by another driver is terrifying. You can take all the precautions. You wear your seatbelt and obey all traffic laws. Still, you can get hurt or killed by someone who is not careful. 

Attorneys for Wrongful Death for Protecting Your Rights

If your loved one is the victim of wrongful death, you need a Richmond, VA wrongful death lawyer. You have rights. You need to get justice for your loved one. The law in Virginia provides compensation for wrongful death cases. 

Here is a brief summary of wrongful death law in Virginia:

  • You must file the suit within two (2) years of the date of death
  • You must be:
    • Parents
    • Spouse
    • Children
    • Anyone who relied on the loved one for support

You just need to be able to prove that your loved one died because of the other party. You must show that the other party was negligent (or that he acted intentionally) and that the death was the actual result of the negligence. You’ll also have to show that you suffered losses. This is not very difficult. As a member of the immediate family, this is almost a given. You just have to prove how much these losses are worth.

Lawyers for Wrongful Death will Get You the Compensation You Deserve

Nobody likes to think of how much money they would receive in a wrongful death case. Your wrongful death attorney will demand that you get compensation for:

  • Sorrow, grief, and loss of advice from the loved one
  • The decedent’s projected loss of income
  • Expenses caused by the death including medical bills
  • Funeral expenses
  • Punitive damages

The courts in Virginia are allowed to award whatever compensation they feel is fair and just. This was left vague on purpose. Damages can be assessed based on how atrocious the other party’s acts are. If they acted recklessly or intentionally, the damages will be very high. Settlements for wrongful death claims can be several million dollars based on insurance limitations. 

Contact a Richmond Attorney for Wrongful Death 

If you have lost a loved one due to wrongful death, contact a Richmond, VA wrongful death attorney. The experienced attorneys at CAIL will handle everything for you. This way, you can focus on taking care of your family during this difficult time. 

If you suspect a wrongful case, speak to the CAIL Law Firm and speak to a wrongful death lawyer. The lawyer for wrongful death will answer any questions you may have and then assess your situation. Call now for a FREE case evaluation, you pay nothing until you win your case. Call 1-800-HURT-123.