Is it Against the Law to Text and Drive in Virginia?

Yes, it is illegal to text and driving in Richmond, VA. Virginia’s distracted driving law prohibits emailing and texting while on the road. That means you are not allowed to read or type messages while behind the wheel.  Anyone who texts while driving is not only putting their life at risk but also that of other road users. The behavior is irresponsible and punishable by law. If you’re in an accident involving a driver who was texting, talk to a Richmond car accident lawyer at CAIL.

What Are the Fines for Texting While Driving in Richmond, VA?

If a police officer suspects that you are texting while driving, they can pull you over. The fine for a first texting while driving offense is $125. For the second and subsequent offenses, you pay $250 which is double what is charged for the first offense. Texting while driving can cause you to get into an accident. If this happens, you could face a reckless driving conviction. Victims of a distracted driving accident can also seek compensation for injuries caused.

The only time texting while driving is allowed is if you are making an emergency call. An exception is also given to emergency vehicle drivers carrying out their duties. Texting at a red light is not allowed. You can only text when you are legally parked or stopped. 

What Compensation Can a Richmond Car Accident Attorney Get You If You’re Involved in a Distracted Driving Accident?

Drivers who cause accidents because they were texting while driving should be held accountable. Due to their negligence, accident victims suffer injuries, economic losses and pain and suffering. They may even die. Under Virginia law, the injured party should be compensated for this. Insurance companies are however not always willing to pay for damage caused. For more information on insurance claim denial click here. Getting your compensation may be difficult. With an auto accident lawyer in Richmond, getting your claims settled can be less complicated. An attorney will help you file your claims and advise on how much to ask for. Damages you can seek include:

  • Medical bills. This will include money paid for emergency treatment and any future treatment needed.
  • Lost wages. You may have to take some time off work to recover. The wages you lose during this period can be compensated by the insurer of the negligent driver.
  • Pain and suffering. The accident caused you both physical and emotional distress. You can get compensated for this.
  • Lost earnings. In the event your injuries are severe, you may be physically unable to continue working. The driver can be made to pay you for taking away your ability to earn a livelihood.
  • In cases where a car accident victim dies, the family of the deceased can bring a wrongful death lawsuit. The lawsuit filed against the driver at fault can get the family monetary compensation. They will also be claiming compensation for medical bills, lost wages, funeral expenses and so on. 

Let a Richmond Car Accident Lawyer Fight the Insurance Company

Depending on the facts of your case a Richmond car accident lawyer can settle your claims with the insurance company. This settlement process can be quick if the insurance company is willing to compensate you. If that doesn’t happen you can move to court with a civil lawsuit. Your compensation will then be decided by a judge and jury. They will listen to the evidence available on the distracted driving accident and decide the amount of damages to award.

Get a Qualified Auto Accident Lawyer in Richmond Following Your Car Accident

If you are in an accident caused by a distracted driver talk to an auto accident lawyer in Richmond, VA. Do this as soon as you can, preferably as soon as you have received medical treatment for your injuries. The lawyer can help you get damages from the distracted driver who caused the crash. Our Richmond car accident law firm at CAIL has been representing injured parties for years. We are confident we can ably represent you in your personal injury case. We have recovered millions of dollars for our injured clients. So we know what it takes to get a settlement following a distracted driving accident. We will work hard to see you also get the maximum compensation payable for your injuries. To get more information, or schedule a free consultation, call us at 1-804-482-2954 today. Let us follow up your compensation as you recover. 

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