How To Travel With Pets Safely

To many people, their pets are just as important as other people in the car. For some people, it’s a simple need of taking your dog into the groomer or your cat over to a friend’s house while you go on vacation. There will always be times when we need to travel with pets from one place to another. It doesn’t matter if it’s to the park, a friend’s house, or just for an outing.

What can you do to travel safely with your pets? There are a number of steps you’re expected to take both as the driver and pet owner. Not only are you protecting the safety of your pets, but of others on the road as well. You’ve probably seen someone giving their furry family member “kisses” while behind the wheel, obviously distracted. Those situations you want to avoid at all costs.

If you or your loved one were injured in a car wreck caused by an unrestrained animal, call an experienced automobile accident attorney in Richmond for help.

Crate Your Animals

Although many feel bad, this is really vital for safe driving with a pet. Your dog jumping into your lap or dislodging a large soda can take your attention off the road completely. When you crate your animals, you’re giving them a level of safety by allowing you to focus on your driving.

However, the crate also serves another purpose. Imagine if your dog was perched on the center console, and you had to slam on your breaks. The result would be something along the lines the dog flying into the dashboard or windshield. They could sustain a serious injury or even die from the impact.

In some cases, the event of a possible accident and slamming on the breaks could lead to the death of your animal. A crate is always the safest place for them.

Change Their Feeding Schedule

Dogs and cats are both prone to motion sickness. So make sure to give them a small meal before traveling to ensure that they have a little something in their stomach. Don’t give them a large meal though, pulling over to clean up a mess in the back seat can be a disaster.

As part of a travel kit, you might carry a few bags of proportioned food for your little fur buddy. Make sure to bring a bowl, leash, and water too. Many will put together a waste package as well with a scoop and plastic bags.

Make Sure That They Have Good Air Flow

While you probably know that you should never leave a dog in the back of a hot car, you may not know about general airflow. The ASPCA provides certification for safe crates that have good ventilation. When you look at which crates are best for your pet, make sure that you consider what the experts say on the matter.

Did You Travel Safely with Your Pets?

Some cautionary tales, such as the novelist Stephen King’s accident involved two unrestrained dogs distracting the driver. Although it is common for people to allow their dogs to roam in the backseat, it is a distraction. In fact, you could even get a ticket if you’re clearly distracted by your dog’s presence.

If you were driving without your pets properly restrained or safely secured, then you may have a battle ahead of you. It would be easy to pin the fault on someone who had animals roaming through their vehicle. People will often look for any way possible to shift blame, and not having secured animals is a great claim for distraction.

The claim could go the other way if someone who hit you did not have their animals properly secured. It’s something to consider whenever you’re in a wreck.

Contact Your Virginia Beach Car Accident Lawyer for Guidance

Any animal lover will feel the pain of losing an animal or seeing their furry friend forever changed. Sympathy for the pain, suffering, or loss of an animal in a wreck, however, is hard to come by in a claim. Insurance companies don’t generally care for animals or the high vet bills they bring.

If you were hurt in a wreck, or if your fur baby was hurt, then you need a car accident law firm in Virginia Beach. Having a local attorney is critical for getting the right support you need when you need it. Don’t get conned into paying for someone’s travel fees just so they can call you at home and offer minimal advice. At CAIL of Virginia Beach, we provide the very best service, giving each client specialized attention.

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