What to Do When Your Car Insurance Claim is Denied

Following a car accident, you’re confident that your car insurance will cover you for any injuries or property damages. What happens if that’s not the case? A car insurance claim being denied is not anything new. Insurers deny insurance claims all the time. When your claim is denied, consult a Richmond car accident attorney. They’ll look into the reasons why your insurer has refused to pay you and if the decision can be appealed.

Why Would an Insurance Company Deny Your Car Insurance Claim?

You pay insurance premiums on time and expect to be financially covered for injuries and property damage after an accident. When the insurance company says no to your car insurance claim, it can be shocking. Some common reasons a claim can be denied include:

  • You provided false information when purchasing your policy.

    • To lower their insurance premiums, some people may give information which is not true. They might lie about their age, health conditions or even education. The insurer may consider this fraud and it can be a reason to have your claim denied. Be honest when purchasing your policy from the insurance company.
  • You took time before making a claim.

    • Some people may not want to have their premiums go up. To avoid this, they don’t make a claim until much later when they realize they were seriously injured. In such situations, your insurer may say you’re trying to make them pay for injuries not caused by the accident. To avoid this, notify your insurer you will be making a claim hours or days after your car accident.
  • You didn’t go to the hospital.

    • If you didn’t get medical treatment after an accident, an insurer would argue you weren’t hurt. They would, therefore, say you had no injuries so you don’t deserve compensation. Going to the hospital after your accident will ensure you have proof of injuries when making your car insurance claim. If your injuries become worse because you didn’t get proper treatment, the insurance company may also deny your claim. They can state your own negligence caused your injuries to worsen and they shouldn’t be made to pay for them.
  • You lied about your injuries.

    • This, unfortunately, does happen. Some people may add pre-existing conditions covered by the insurer when filing their claim. If the insurer finds out about this, they will dismiss your claim.
  • You could have avoided the accident.

    • If an accident occurred due to drunk driving, for example, an insurance company will definitely reject such a claim.
  • You asked for damages not covered under your policy.

    • If the damages you claimed exceed the policy taken, the insurer can also reject your claim.

Legal Options a Richmond Car Accident Attorney May Recommend After Your Car Insurance Claim is Denied

An insurance company is supposed to inform you about why they are rejecting your car insurance claim. If the reasons given for doing so don’t add up, get help from a car accident lawyer in Richmond, VA. The lawyer will review the reasons to find out if the insurance company is acting in bad faith. When you pay your premiums, an insurer is expected to act in good faith and pay compensation after an accident. If they don’t do this, they behave in bad faith. From the reasons given, a Richmond car accident attorney may:

  • Add more evidence to support your claim.
  • Seek more information from the insurer regarding their denial.
  • Appeal the decision with the insurance company and ask for a claims supervisor to review the claim.
  • File a lawsuit seeking compensation from the insurer in court.
  • File a complaint with the Virginia Department of Insurance, denouncing the insurer’s bad faith practices.

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