Truck Accident Lawyer in Falls Church, VA

Truck Accident Lawyer in Falls Church, VA

The city of Falls Church does not see many truck accidents. Most of them occur outside the city, on the highways where speed and negligence are common. The few accidents that take place in town have devastating consequences. They cause severe injuries, even death, and huge property damage. Obtaining compensation for such losses is a challenge even for a Falls Church truck accident lawyer.

At Commonwealth Accident Injury Law, we love challenges. We embrace them and do not rest until we obtain rightful compensation for our clients. We make sure the party at fault or their insurer reimburses every single loss and expense. Our work is usually easier when clients contact us from the accident scene.

When possible, our Falls Church truck accident lawyers go to the scene immediately. They advise our clients on the steps to take and they conduct the necessary investigations. Obtaining compensation takes solid evidence. Most of this evidence is only available at the accident scene.

The claimant has to prove how the accident occurred and who was at fault. They also have to document the injuries and damages they incurred. When present, the lawyer takes over these endeavors. Another important mission for a lawyer is to prevent their clients’ from making mistakes.

5 Common Mistakes a Falls Church Truck Accident Lawyer Helps Clients Avoid

  1. Apologizing or expressing regrets. Many accident victims do this in an attempt to express sympathy and solidarity. They do not realize their words could qualify as an admission of guilt. Just like during arrests, anything car accident victims say could be used against them.
  2. Admitting fault for the accident. In Virginia, claimants who shared fault for their accident cannot recover their losses. Once admitted, any form of contributory negligence could make the compensation claim useless.
  3. Refusing medical assistance. It is important to diagnose injuries and establish their cause as soon as possible. If the victim refuses a medical exam and complications occur, they will be liable for them. At CAIL, we advise all clients to see a doctor immediately after the accident.
  4. Accepting early settlements or rights waivers. Many accident victims are tricked into signing documents without reading. That is the worst thing anyone can do. It is better to consult a Falls Church truck accident attorney. They will assess the claim and negotiate a favorable settlement.
  5. Failing to gather evidence. Details like truck position, brake marks, fluid leaks, and cargo position matter. They can help establish the cause of the accident and who was responsible for it. They should be photographed or recorded as soon as possible.

Main Accident Causes a Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer May Identify

  • Driver fatigue. Truck drivers often have to cover huge distances in record time. To succeed, they skip rest and sleep breaks. Fatigue sets in and diminishes their attention span and reaction speed. Some drivers even fall asleep behind the wheel.
  • Highway hypnosis. Seeing the same scenery for hours or days is not easy. It gets truck drivers into a trance-like state and slows down their reaction speed. It takes an experienced Falls Church truck accident attorney to prove highway hypnosis.
  • Many truck drivers speed in order to meet delivery deadlines. At high speed, trucks become difficult to stop or turn. They get on the other lanes, off the road, or even roll over. They often sweep everything in their path. Unfortunately, truck drivers are not the only ones who speed to destination. Other traffic participants do too.
  • Overweight and improperly secured cargo. Most trucks carry tons of goods. The weight of the cargo sometimes exceeds the truck’s capacity. When improperly secured, the cargo tilts or moves back and forth, affecting truck stability. Its weight also impacts the truck’s response to the driver’s maneuvers. When accidents occur, this increases the extent of damages.
  • Poor maintenance. Due to the huge wear and tear they experience, trucks need periodical maintenance and repairs. If they do not receive it, they can break down. Think of tire explosions and malfunctioning breaks. An experienced Virginia truck accident lawyer will check the truck’s maintenance schedule.
  • Blind spots. Most truck mirrors do not allow full view of the rear. If the truck does not have a camera or the camera breaks down, drivers are left in the dark. Some forget about their blind spot and end up hitting the cars in it. Sometimes, the cars in the truck’s blind spot make dangerous maneuvers.
  • Reckless driving. Some truck drivers act as if they own the road. Since their vehicle is bigger and more powerful, they feel no harm can come to them. They speed, tailgate, and rarely signal their maneuvers in traffic. If they cause an accident, they should answer for it. A Falls Church truck accident attorney will make sure that happens.
  • Drunk driving. Alcohol is a driver’s worst enemy. It delays driver reactions and diminishes their attention span. It makes controlling the vehicle more difficult. If a drunk driver causes an accident, they should answer for its consequences.

These accident causes show that truck drivers are at fault for many accidents. The FMSCA admits they cause over half of the accidents involving them. However, other parties may be liable for a truck accident as well.

Liability Scenarios a Falls Church Truck Accident Attorney May Encounter

  • Trucking company liability. Perhaps the trucking company forced the driver to speed or skip breaks. They may have hired an inexperienced or unqualified driver or skipped maintenance intentionally.
  • Service providers’ liability. Perhaps the trucking company ordered maintenance, repairs, or part replacements. Unfortunately, not all service providers live up to their responsibilities. Many report and charge for repairs and maintenance operations they never perform.
  • Cargo owner liability. Truck drivers transport cargo from one place to the other. Cargo owners may fail to inform them about the specifics of the goods. Their employees may overload the truck or fail to secure the cargo.
  • Third parties. Some accidents occur because of other drivers’ negligence. Others are the result of the road administrators’ negligence. No matter the case, the party at fault or their insurer should answer.

Recover Your Losses with the Help of a Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer

The compensation claim process for truck accidents is similar to that for any car accident. However, all the above aspects can complicate it and make recovery difficult. At CAIL, we have made it our mission to ease things for truck accident victims. We can help you too.

Our Falls Church, VA car accident lawyer can evaluate your claim and answer your questions. If you let them, they can take over the whole process and get you a fair compensation. To benefit from our help, all you have to do is schedule a consultation. You can do so using the contact form, by chat, or by calling 1-800-HURT-123. We are here for you!