What is the Average Settlement for a Whiplash Injury in a Car Accident?

You have probably seen someone who was involved in a car accident with a big neck brace shortly after. This person is likely to have suffered a whiplash injury as a result of the accident. Whiplash injuries are very common if you’re involved in a rear-end car accident. You can, however, also suffer this type of injury following front or side impacts. The sudden and forceful back and forth motion of the head and neck after a crash cause the whiplash injury. The muscles and soft tissues of the neck suffer because they are stretched beyond their limit. A whiplash injury can be immediately obvious because of severe pain you will experience. However, sometimes the signs and symptoms may not show until a day or so later. Symptoms you could look out for include:

  • Stiffness around the neck, arms, and shoulders
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Loss of concentration and memory
  • Vision which is blurry
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Restrictions in neck motion
  • Fatigue
  • Pain in the upper back
  • Tingling around the arms and hands

If another driver caused your accident they can be held liable and asked to pay you compensation for your injuries.  A Virginia car accident lawyer can look at the facts of your crash. They can help you get damages from the party at fault.

What Compensation Can a Richmond Car Accident Lawyer Get You for a Whiplash Injury?

A car accident lawyer can get you compensation for a range of expenses. These include:

  • Medical bills. The lawyer should be able to help you recover medical costs for your initial treatment. If your injury will require ongoing medical treatment, you can include those costs in your claim. Serious whiplash injuries may require you to see a chiropractor for a few months before you fully recover.
  • Loss of income. If your injuries make it impossible for you to work, you may be able to recover this type of damages.
  • Pain and suffering. Whiplash may cause you a lot of physical pain and emotional stress. Your Richmond, VA car accident lawyer can attach a monetary value to this and ask for compensation.
  • Property damage. Your car probably received damage. The party at fault in a Virginia car accident should pay for repairs. If any other property received damage in the crash, compensation should also be sought for it.

How much you will get for your injuries will depend on how serious they are. For a mild to moderate injury, compensation can range between $2,500 and $10,000. A more serious case of whiplash can attract up to $30,000 in damages. When you contact a Richmond car accident lawyer, they will determine how much you can reasonably ask for in compensation.

What You Need To Do to Get Compensation for a Whiplash Injury in Richmond, VA

Whiplash injuries are difficult to prove. Being a soft tissue injury, they don’t show up on x-rays and other imaging tests. Actually, a lot of insurance companies believe people seeking compensation for whiplash are faking their injuries. To ensure you have a strong claim, you must:

Get medical treatment immediately after your accident

If you don’t go to the hospital, an insurer may argue you weren’t hurt and don’t deserve compensation. Also, if you take a long time to get treatment, the injury may get worse. The defendant may say you were negligent, and you caused the injury to worsen. They won’t want to compensate you.

Follow the doctor’s instructions completely

You don’t want to be accused of making your condition worse. Follow what the doctor prescribes to the letter or seek a second opinion if you have serious concerns.

Get copies of your medical records from the doctor

These will be needed when making your claim. If you don’t go to the hospital, you will not have these records. Your chances of getting compensation without evidence of injuries will be very slim.

Talk to a Virginia car accident attorney

The attorney will look at your case and tell you if it’s valid. They can also help you improve on the weak areas of your claim.

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At CAIL, unlike insurance companies, we consider whiplash injuries to be serious. We, therefore, will do our best to get you compensation and ease your pain. We have handled numerous claims involving whiplash so we know what to ask for in compensation. Call our offices for a free consultation with a Virginia car accident lawyer. We will review the facts of your accident and go over all of your legal options for seeking compensation.

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