Richmond Police Chase Includes Virginia State Trooper Crash

On May 19th, the police began a pursuit with an Audi that was driving erratically and nearly struck multiple vehicles. The Richmond police chase began around the 76-mile marker on Interstate-95.  Initially, a Virginia State Trooper began the pursuit and attempted to stop the vehicle when activating his emergency equipment. The Audi did not stop and instead took the pursuit of a high-speed situation. The suspect went North along I-95, passing multiple vehicles by using the shoulder, eventually exiting the Interstate on Exit 79.

The suspect took the Hamilton and Broad Street exit then abandoned the vehicle. Police later identified the Audi driver as a North Carolina man. The driver continued until reaching the intersection of Arthur Ashe and Norfolk, where he exited his vehicle and fled on foot. During the pursuit, a State Police patrol car hit a Dodge pickup in the West Marshall and Altamout Avenue intersection. The trooper and Dodge driver remained at the scene to get check out by first responders. There were no injuries at this crash site, and no damage because of the low-speed impact.

After a brief pursuit on foot, officers were able to intercept the suspect. He was taken into custody and is now facing multiple charges. State Police and Richmond Police have not issued statements about the state of the Audi driver at the time or whether or not they suspect that the driver was under the influence. Currently, all that was made available was that the driver evaded police, drove with extreme negligence, and traveled at high-speeds.

The Virginia State Troopers and Richmond Police have not discussed the man’s identity past that the point that he is a 30-year-old resident of North Carolina. They’ve offered no insight into why the man was traveling in Richmond.

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