Richmond Deadly Accident Finally Sees Charges Filed

Back in September of 2019, there was a deadly crash killing three people on I-95, it involved multiple motorcyclists and many injuries. A total of seven people were unseated from their motorcycles, with three dying as a result of the crash. Now those families could possibly see justice.

As of March 10th, two people were charged for their connection to the deadly motorcycle wreck. At this point in time, it appears as though alcohol was a present factor in the cause of the crash. The victims of the crash included Teresa Sexton, and John and Roxann Todt. Sexton’s boyfriend, Hasten McCoy, is one facing these charges. He faces involuntary manslaughter charges and a DUI.

The other charged in connection is Francis Joseph Johnson, who faces a DUI accompanied by maiming with a DUI. His passenger was also hurt in the crash. Sexton’s family has spoken with the press reporting that they want justice for the crash and their losses. The Todt’s family has not spoken about the crash or these charges. It may be during the proceedings or afterward that they may issue a victim statement for the court.

The families are no doubt looking for action, but many are questioning the charges in that they may not be entirely accurate. Who will take responsibility for the deaths of the Todt’s and the woman injured by Johnson walked away from the crash with nothing more serious than a bruise.

While the families are certainly pleased that there is some action, they’re questioning how the remaining action will playout for the other victims. The Virginia Department of Transportation did dial back the speed for the on-ramp in December in response to this crash and a few others that have happened on that ramp.

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