Richmond Crash Victim Leaves 4 Surviving Children

On Tuesday June 9th the Richmond Police Department responded to a fiery crash that involved only a 37-year-old local man. That man, Terral L. Tyler, was driving along the 1800 Block on Brook Road and departed the roadway. Police note that he was driving Southbound, when he came into contact with a concrete planter, then the vehicle flipped, and caught fire. The accident and fire damaged an additional three unoccupied cars, but more people are concerned with why the Richmond crash victim left the roadway.

Speculations from the family suggest he may have fallen asleep behind the wheel. Each year there are over 100,000 crashes reported by police for drowsy driving and those crashes account for about 1,550 fatalities. Although drowsy driving seems much less dangerous than drunk driving it is a serious issue that many are unaware of.

The Richmond Police responded shortly after the vehicle left the road at about 11:45 p.m. Tyler was immediately taken for emergency medical care although he later died at the hospital as a result of his injuries.

There have not been extensive statements made on behalf of Tyler from his immediate family. The only close member of the community to speak out about Tyler is his ex-wife’s sister, Amanda Burns. Burns noted that Tyler was a loved family man who had four children and that his focus was always on the family although the relationship between Tyler and her sister was no longer romantic.

The Richmond Police took some time to identify Tyler, and they still have an open investigation to better understand what happened in the crash. Any witnesses who saw the crash or have information about either the crash or Tyler should contact Crash Team Investigator J. DeBoard, or Crime Stoppers either by phone at 780-1000, or online at

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