When Can You Return to Work After A Wreck?

When you’ve just had a wreck, you’re probably worried about all of the bills building up on your kitchen table. Can you pay rent or your mortgage, and how can you pay anything if you can’t return to work right away? These questions are justified, and after a wreck, it might seem as if you’ll be in a state of financial turmoil for the next decade.

Take a breath, because an automobile accident attorney in Richmond, VA can provide some insight into how you can handle these financial burdens and whether you can take control of your finances or not.

The Extent of Your Injuries

Are you suffering from mild whiplash, or have you had such extensive hip damage that you’ll need a full joint reconstruction? A car accident can cause injuries ranging from so mild that they require no medical attention, to death. The extent of Richmond car accident injuries should be the basis for deciding when you can go back to work.

For example, whiplash may be painful, but if it doesn’t impede your work, you may be able to work while receiving medical treatment. Whereas, with a joint injury or traumatic brain injury, you may not be able to return to work until your medical team is fully satisfied that you’ve reached the maximum recovery possible.

Wait for a Medical Release Before You Return to Work

After any type of wreck in the Richmond area, you’ll need to get some medical attention. Depending on your injuries from the crash, that could mean arranging a doctor’s appointment. Or, it could mean that you need to go to the ER straight away.

If you’re setting up a doctor’s appointment, then you should carefully decide if you’re well enough to go to work in the time between your crash and appointment. At your appointment, your doctor may find soft tissue damage or brain harm that may not have been debilitating but does mean you’ll need to take a period of time off of work.

Now, if you’ve gone to the emergency room, then that team of doctors will likely decide how to handle your case. For some people, that means staying in the hospital and working with specialists in the building. Others, however, will be sent home with a series of follow up appointments that will help them through the recovery process. That doesn’t mean that they’re alright to return to work.

Ultimately, you’ll need to wait for a doctor to sign off on your return to work. You should thoroughly discuss the impact of this when talking to your medical team. Even if you have ongoing medical care, you may be able to return. However, make sure that you take all elements into consideration, such as whether you need to climb stairs to get into your building. Or, if you can make the traveling every morning to get to work.

Can You Complete Your Job Duties if You Return to Work?

The biggest factor that a medical team will consider before releasing you for work is whether you can complete your job duties. The whiplash example from earlier is something to refer back to. If you work at a computer through most of the day, then whiplash might be an issue. That neck strain, if you have poor posture, could be an issue.

Others will spend time weighing whether your job can make any reasonable accommodations. They may allow you to return to light-duty or part-time work. That return will allow you to begin earning again and hopefully reduce some financial strain on your family.

Consult With Your Car Accident Lawyer in Richmond, VA

When building a claim or case after a car wreck, you’ll want to manage your finances carefully. Not only because you’re setting up for the future and trying to stay afloat, but also because there’s no guarantee on getting fair compensation.

If you need to return to work and your medical team has approved even partial work release, then inform your attorney. They may need to add that medical assessment into your case and weigh out the impact of your returning to work on your claim. Overall it should not affect a Richmond car accident attorneys ability to fight for full compensation. Even a fair, but not full settlement is something that you should talk over with your attorney.

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