How Is Pain and Suffering Compensation Calculated in Norfolk, VA?

Although most pain and suffering compensation laws lead to settlements in the tens of thousands, some cases where a company is found responsible for harming others have led to record payouts. One such example is the $206 billion settlement recently paid by several tobacco companies.

Do you believe that you can benefit from Virginia pain and suffering compensation? Virginia handles personal injury settlements differently than other states. Read on to learn how to calculate your Virginia pain and suffering compensation.

What Are Pain and Suffering?

Pain and suffering are types of damage that are intangible. This does not mean that they do not have very real impacts on a victim’s life and physical health.

Pain and suffering often result from a car accident or another type of accident where someone is at fault. The after-effects of an accident can range from minor aches to chronic and debilitating pain that someone may have to live with for the rest of their life.

Suffering typically refers to the psychological trauma caused by some type of accident. Emotional suffering can result from:

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD

Next, we’ll look at how a judge determines pain and suffering. The process is often complicated and requires looking at several factors.

How Are Damages Assessed from Pain and Suffering?

Judges and juries are tasked with awarding damages for pain and suffering caused by a dog bite or other cause of harm. Because suffering and pain are subjective, they can be hard to assess. The process for determining damage amounts is rarely straightforward.

The specifics of your case will be a strong factor, though. A judge may look at whether you spent high amounts on medical costs, for example. Your life expectancy, employment status, and loss of income due to the accident or event will also be considered by a judge.

Feedback from your doctor will be important. If your injury required ongoing physical rehabilitation, lost work from that therapy could possibly be compensated through civil litigation.

Why You Need a Top Attorney to Recoup Damages

Pain and suffering attorneys can help you navigate the often complicated civil court process. CAIL specializes in the area of personal injury law. Working with an experienced law firm allows you to recoup the most amount for your pain and suffering.

Defendants can represent themselves, but many of those cases often end up settling for small amounts. If you experienced pain and suffering following an action or accident that someone else caused, you can recoup serious damages that can help you return to life as normal.

Learn More About Pain and Suffering Compensation

No settlement can make up for pain and suffering following an injury. Pain and suffering compensation can help you recoup medical bills and other expenses. If you are looking for a quality law firm in Norfolk, VA, you can rely on the expert team at CAIL.

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