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Person getting hit and run

A Quick Guide for a Hit and Run

Hit and runs are one of the worst types of accidents. Although they may not always be the most serious in terms of damages or injuries, it is basically your word against a ghost. You have no information to provide your insurance, and at best can file a police report. These types of accidents make…

After a car accident driver decided to call a lawyer

How Soon After Your Car Accident Should You Call a Lawyer?

Most people who get into a car accident never need a lawyer. They exchange information with the other driver and submit an insurance claim. Their claim is paid within a week or two. They can afford to get their car fixed and get treated for their injuries. For some people, things don’t go as well.…

Prove Fault in a Truck Accident in Virginia Beach

How Can You Prove Fault in a Truck Accident in Virginia Beach?

Truck accidents are the deadliest of all motor vehicle accidents. The truck driver usually walks away from the accident with a few bruises. It’s the passenger vehicle who ends up in the hospital. Their injuries are usually very serious, even fatal and it is usually hard to prove who is at fault. It’s not that…

Law that Regulates Truck Drivers’ Hours

What is the Law that Regulates Truck Drivers’ Hours?

One of the biggest causes of truck accidents is overtired and overworked drivers. Most of us work eight hours a day and then go home. Some of us work overtime. But, for the most part, people work regular hours and then go about their business. The truck driving industry isn’t like this. Truck drivers are…

Car Accident Injury Myths Busted

Car Accident Injury Myths Busted

We all hear them and might even believe some of them, car accident injury myths are everywhere. It’s up to car accident lawyers to prove these myths wrong and work with car wreck victims for a fair settlement. You might think that you don’t have a chance for a fair settlement or a payout at…

Motorists Riding Motorcycles in Summer

Motorists Need to Be on the Lookout for Motorcycles This Summer

It’s that time of year. Spring and summer are the perfect time in Virginia Beach to ride your motorcycle. This is the time when more bikes are on the road than at any other time of the year. When the weather gets nice, there’s nothing like riding down the highway on motorcycles. The problem is,…

Should You Really Fear Unsecured Cargo on Trucks?

Should You Really Fear Unsecured Cargo on Trucks?

Since Final Destination came out, people have found extraordinarily everyday situations to fear. Among those fears is unsecured cargo on trucks. We all see Big Rigs transporting logs, dangerous materials, and standard cargo every day. But, is that cargo a risk for people on the road? Without a doubt, cargo transit through Big Rigs isn’t…

How Virginia is Changing Laws on Distracted Driving

How Virginia is Changing Laws on Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is quickly becoming the biggest issue for drivers. Car accident lawyers in Richmond are seeing it more and more. It’s causing crashes, and it seems as if car manufacturers have little care for what distractions they’re presenting to the driver. Although some are working to detect when your eyes leave the road or…

Do I Have to Go to the Hospital After a Car Crash in Virginia Beach?

Not Going to the Hospital After Your Car Crash in Virginia Beach Can Prevent You from Filing Your Claim

People get into accidents every day. You probably see them on the side of the road on your way to work or school. So why would you be surprised when you’re the one who gets into a car crash in Virginia Beach? Some people think that, unless they have obvious injuries, there’s no need to…

Do You Really Have to Replace a Car Seat After a Crash?

Do You Really Have to Replace a Car Seat After a Crash?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is the primary authority on car seats and when to replace them. Not only are there key times in development to “grow” your seat with your child or outright get a new seat, but you may also have to replace a car seat if you’ve been in a crash.…

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