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Person suffering road rash after falling off his motorcycle

How to Claim a Road Rash Injury

Many people view road rash as the motorcyclists equivalent of whiplash. As if the common nature of the injury makes it any less severe. Road rash can lead to a number of issues for the victim. Not to mention other complications such as infection and nerve damage can become present as well. So it is…

Virginia Beach Crash Leaves 4 Injured

Virginia Beach Crash Leaves 4 Injured

Ask any Virginia Beach car accident lawyer, and they’ll tell you that most car accidents are caused by a simple mistake. A driver changes lanes without looking in their rearview mirror. Or, they try to make a turn and end up cutting off an entire lane of cars. This is exactly what happened in Virginia…

Virginia Case Motivated Family in San Diego to Sue Management

A Virginia Case Motivates Family in San Diego to Sue Management and Win $2 Million

Matt Poelstra represented a family in San Diego in a landmark case that saw the jury award $2 million to a family. According to him, a Virginia case motivated family in San Diego to sue management, a military family winning a $350,000 lawsuit in Virginia in 2016 motivated him to take the case. The mold…

Truck driver involved in a truck accident

What to Do if You’re Involved in a Truck Accident in Virginia Beach

A lot of drivers hate to share the road with truck drivers. That’s because tractor trailers can be quite intimidating. They’re powerful machines that tend to drive faster than they should – especially on the highway. If a truck driver makes a simple mistake, it can be involved in a deadly truck accident. Truck accidents…

Case Involving a 10 Year Old Accident Goes to Trial

Case Involving a 10 Year Old Accident Goes to Trial

Edward Eugene Harris was involved in an accident a few years ago after which he filed a case in District Court involving four parties including The Kenan Advantage Group Inc, Valden Transport Inc, Charles Ray Smith, and Transport Service LLC. Case involving a 10 year old accident goes to trial. According to the lawsuit, the…

Picture of a motorcycle

Do You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Virginia Beach?

If you live in Virginia Beach, you know how great riding your motorcycle can be this time of year. Even on hot days, when you take to the road, it can be an amazing experience. Unfortunately, no matter how safe you are, there is always the chance that you could get hurt. Thousands of people…

Adult teaching a new driver how to drive

How to Teach New Drivers About Car Accidents

Teaching new drivers, especially a teen driver about accidents it daunting.  Of course, you want to cover all of your bases and want to know that they understand the risks. But still, there’s the sneaking suspicion that you haven’t done enough. Parents and guardians everywhere struggle to proactively prevent dangerous car accidents that may take…

Picture of a catastrophic Car Crash In Smyth

Car Crash In Smyth Injures 5 People

At approximately 3:15 PM, an accident occurred at Tattle Branch Road and Cherokee Lane, SWVA Today reports. Car crash in Smyth left five people injured including an adult female with life-threatening injuries. The Virginia State Trooper Pickel is leading the initial investigation to determine what occurred and what may have caused the accident. This collision…

Picture of a truck driver that is not involving himself with DUI

Truck Accident Involving a DUI

Truck accidents often prove fatal as these monster-sized vehicles and trailers travel at freeway speeds. Not to mention most weigh in around 80,000 pounds and some carry dangerous cargo. What makes these accidents all the worse though is that drivers are often tired, lethargic, or distracted. When these accidents prove most fatal, however, is when…

Wrongful Death Claim after a Car Wreck

Wrongful Death Claims after a Car Wreck

After a car accident, there are so many pieces to put back together. But when you lost someone important to you in that crash, it can be even more difficult. Whether you were in the crash or not, it’s likely fallen to you to decide whether or not to proceed with a wrongful death claim.…

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