Most Common Virginia Motorcycle Accidents

The most common accidents for motorcyclists are often things well beyond their control. In addition to watching for changing road conditions, and adhering to the law, motorcyclists are at the mercy of all other drivers.

While that is also true for anyone on the road, they have little to no protection. Aggressive, assertive or unaware drivers can cause fatal injuries to motorcyclists in what seem like small wrecks. Motorcycle injury lawyers see these instances all the time.

Vehicle Turning Left In Front Of A Motorcyclist

Someone didn’t realize that they weren’t in the turn lane. Or worse, someone made a last-minute decision to change lanes and make a left turn in an intersection. These accidents can become deadly quickly.

There are of course some instances where the driver genuinely did not see the person on their bike. That doesn’t excuse the extensive damage that motorcyclists experience in these types of accidents.

Motorcyclists have trouble in these situations as there are not often evasive maneuvers available. Ideally, a rider will try to reduce the impact or avoid the crash. In these instances, that’s hardly ever possible.

A wreck from this situation can often lead to traumatic brain injury, head injury, back and neck injuries, and disfigurement. Because of how the wreck occurs, the motorcyclist has little option but to collide with the vehicle fully.

Vehicle Changing Lanes Around A Motorcyclist

Some drivers genuinely don’t like to drive near a motorcycle. Regardless of why, when they change lanes recklessly, without signaling or without time to respond, they put you at risk.

Changing lanes around a motorcyclist always present some danger. If someone improperly changed lanes around you and it led to a wreck you need help proving your side of things.

Drivers will often claim that the motorcyclist was in their blind spot, or sped up during their signaled lane change. In these instances, it is critical to get witness statements and file a police report.

To avoid it turning into a “them vs. you” situation, always file a police report, and take a lot of photos. Many riders are starting to mount go-pros or other small cameras onto their helmets.

DUI and Speeding

Nearly 30% of fatalities from alcohol-impaired wrecks are motorcyclists. In 2016 the total number of motorcyclists killed in a DUI situation was 5,286 which is alarming for most motorcyclists. If you were recently in a crash because of a driver operating a vehicle under the influence, get legal help.

Not only are you looking at dealing with insurance companies, and your recovery, but pressing charges as well. A driver who was under the influence was clearly negligent and put your life in immediate danger.

Speeding is another common cause. Whether it was someone in a hurry who just didn’t see you, or a young driver showing off, speeding is negligent driving.

When other drivers put your life at risk by failing to adhere to the laws of the road, they should be held liable. With proper legal counsel, you can explore what options you have to seek compensation for your injuries and wages lost.

Motorcycle Injury Lawyers Can Help

Other drivers don’t always realize the risk potential when it comes to motorcyclists. It is so important that any victim of a motorcycle crash have proper representation. Insurance companies will often attempt to displace fault in an effort to lessen their payout.

In some cases, the insurance companies may offer a startling low settlement offer. You need relief to get back on your feet and into your normal routine. Regardless of the details around the crash, you’ll need time to recover.

Medical bills, time lost at work, and in some cases the inability to return to work. These situations are all common occurrences after a motorcycle wreck. You need to start earning an income, and a decent lawyer will want to help you. However, it is also vital to understand that rushing your recovery may lead to issues later in life.

Call A Motorcycle Personal Injury Attorney

Commonwealth Accident Injury Law helps motorcyclists throughout Virginia. If you need help evaluating your legal options, or understanding what the insurance companies have to say.

Commonwealth Accident Injury attorneys always ensure individualized support and a case manager that you can contact at any time. With only your name, phone number, email address, and a short summary of your case, you can get a free consultation.

A Motorcycle Accident attorney can help you identify all of your damages, asses them, and seek compensation. You’ll want to work with someone who understands Virginia law, and the common injuries that come from motorcycle accidents.

Commonwealth Accident Injury strives to help motorcyclists. Get help with your case now.