Why Should I Hire a Richmond Car Accident Lawyer?

If you were the victim of a car accident in the Commonwealth, you can seek compensation for your losses. This can mean filing a claim with an insurance company, and, possibly, a civil lawsuit. It is up to you if you hire a car accident lawyer in Richmond, VA, or handle the procedures yourself.

Before you make a decision, though, you should be aware of what both options involve. The claim process is basically the same. However, the way you go through it and how it affects your life differ significantly. We will try to highlight the differences below.

Choosing Self-Representation in Favor of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in Richmond, VA

When you handle the claim yourself, you are on your own. It is up to you to become familiar with the applicable laws and procedures. You have to assess your losses, justify them, and prove the other party’s liability. You also have to defend yourself against the defendant’s allegations.

Under Virginia negligence laws, if you contributed to the accident, you lose your right to compensation. You have to obtain the car accident report, prepare the claim, and support it with evidence. Time is not on your side as you do this, especially when recovering from serious injuries.

Assuming you manage to prepare and file a solid claim on time, the trouble now begins. You will have to attend negotiation and, perhaps, mediation meetings. You will have to discuss terms and laws you may not be familiar with.

Chances are you will want to settle and the defendant will take advantage. They will convince you to accept the lowest compensation possible. It is unlikely that you’ll refuse, considering that the alternative is to start a lawsuit. It is true that you avoid paying the fees a car accident lawyer in Richmond, VA, would charge. However, you miss out on numerous, much more valuable benefits.

The Benefits of Working with a Virginia Car Accident Lawyer

When you work with a car accident lawyer in Richmond, VA, things are much easier. While the procedures are the same, they are divided among several people. The most important of them is the claimant – in this case, you.

The rest of them are your legal advisor, the investigator, the claims inspector, the prosecutor, and the negotiator. Your attorney interacts with them all. Your lawyer will

  • Explain all aspects of the law and answer all your questions
  • Conduct additional investigations and gather more evidence
  • Help you assess the value of your claim
  • Prove the liability of the defendant
  • Negotiate a favorable settlement with the defendant
  • File a lawsuit and represent your interests in court (if they cannot reach a convenient settlement)
  • File an appeal (if you are not satisfied with the court verdict)

In other words, working with a Virginia car accident lawyer will bring you the following immediate benefits:

1. Immediate Access to All the Necessary Information

You no longer have to dig up claim procedures or study Virginia laws. Your car accident lawyer in Richmond, VA, knows them by heart and will explain everything.

2. Considerable Savings of Time, Effort, and Resources

The attorney takes over all formalities. You no longer have to waste hours finding, filling in, and filing papers. You also save gas money, printing costs, and, most importantly, lots of valuable energy.

3. Less Stress and Fewer Worries

When you do everything yourself, you constantly worry about forgetting stuff and making mistakes. When working with a Virginia car accident lawyer, your only worry is to move on with your life. The attorney takes care of everything and keeps you informed on the progress. When your intervention is necessary, they let you know.

4. Higher Chances of Having Your Claim Approved

On your own, you cannot be sure what a compensation claim should look like. You only guess, do what you can, and hope for the best. An experienced car accident lawyer in Richmond, VA, knows how to prepare a winning claim.

5. A Faster and More Convenient Settlement

On your own, you are an easy prey for insurance companies. An attorney, on the other hand, can easily beat them at their own game. The defendant will prefer to settle fast and for a fair amount, rather than risk a court trial.

With some attorneys, the list of benefits is even longer. They provide free preliminary consultations and contingency-based agreements. This means that as a client, you only pay for their services if they win, when they do.

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