How to Claim a Road Rash Injury

Many people view road rash as the motorcyclists equivalent of whiplash. As if the common nature of the injury makes it any less severe. Road rash can lead to a number of issues for the victim. Not to mention other complications such as infection and nerve damage can become present as well. So it is important to know how to claim a road rash injury. Don’t let your insurance company or anyone else scoff at your road rash, it’s a serious injury, and you should include it in your compensation claim. Motorcycle injury lawyers all across the nation have tried helping to change the perception around road rash.

Now you need to take control of your claim and make sure that this injury is part of your compensation payment. Road rash injuries can request extensive and expensive medical treatment. If your crash sent you to the ground, then you need to pursue compensation from the person responsible for the accident.

What is Road Rash?

Road rash is the injury which occurs after someone hits the road hard enough to scrape their skin. Effectively it’s a much worse version of skinned knees. For motorcyclists, even those wearing full protective gear can hit the road at high enough speeds to experience third-degree road rash. There are many different degrees, in a similar nature with burns.

The first-degree of road rash is minor. It may burn slightly or tingle and itch as it heals, but it does not require medical attention. A first-degree road rash is one of those, “slap a Band-Aid on it,” types of injuries.

Second-degree road rash is when the exterior of your skin has broken open. In response to the disruption of the skin, the area will swell, burn, and throb with pain. Second-degree road rash will often come with some scaring but usually nothing serious enough to warrant cosmetic correction.

Third-degree road rash is a very serious injury, and the gap between second-degree and third-degree road rash is pretty drastic. A third-degree road rash will impact the out layer of skin as well as the inner layers. This type of road rash requires immediate medical attention. Victims may experience skin loss, extensive scarring, and may need rehabilitation. In many cases with motorcycle crash victims, road rash requires skin grafts and assistance to help the underlying tissue and muscle to heal correctly.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are not cheap just because people like to downplay the seriousness of road rash. If anything, it is more expensive because you will likely have to travel to see a specialist and need equipment at home.

Speak with your motorcycle accident lawyer about any of these medical expenses that impacted you:

  • Medical bills for consultations or immediate medical attention (ER room visit)
  • Doctor’s visits relating to your road rash
  • Crutches or braces
  • Medical supplies
  • Surgery
  • Prescriptions
  • Lab testing
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Travel to appointments

Compensation Possibilities for Road Rash Victims

If your road rash injury was serious, as in a second or third-degree road rash, then you need to pursue compensation. Victims who suffer these injuries may lose access to their income for a stretch of time. It can also lead to extensive pain and suffering during the healing process.

Motorcycle accident attorneys should pursue compensation for:

In addition to these aspects of compensation, they should try to recover all of your medical expenses. When looking at your lost wages, you should not only look at the time you lost. But also, the time you will lose in the future for ongoing medical care. Additionally, if you missed the chance for a promotion because you were missing work, then you can pursue compensation for a missed opportunity as well. Always discuss all aspects of your financial suffering with your motorcycle accident lawyer in Richmond, VA.

Contact Your Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer

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Pursue the compensation which is necessary to cover your medical expenses and the other aspects of life which fell by the side during your recovery. We know how difficult it is to negotiate with insurance companies, especially while you’re focusing on rehabilitating yourself.

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