GRTC Bus and Vehicle Accident Leaves Victims with Critical Injuries

The driver of a small sedan jumped the median on East Broad Street, eventually causing an accident with a GRTC bus right around 9 in the evening. This crash happened in the 1400 block of Broad Street and that officers were on the scene quickly. The driver suffered critical injuries and was taken to the local medical center, which was near the crash scene. The vehicle is mangled, with a nearly flattened roof and crumpled front end.

The sedan jumped over the median crashing into the bus, and the GRTC bus contained passengers. The passengers on board have reported injuries, none of which are life-threatening. All injured GRTC passengers are receiving appropriate medical attention.

Richmond Police explained that the sedan had just exited the Interstate-95, possibly as high speeds causing the vehicle to come over the median. The vehicle itself had littered the street with debris. The GRTC bus remained on the scene, and largely the bus is undamaged when compared to the sedan. Richmond police will continue their investigation into this crash.

The accident took place on May 19th, near 8:50 at night. As of May 21st, there have not been any names released to the public. Richmond Police have a history for keeping their investigations as private as possible until they have solid and verified information to give. They have not released the name of the sedan driver who is in critical condition. Richmond PD has not released the names of the victims, all adults, who were passengers of the GRTC bus and probably won’t as there’s. No reason to give victim names. They and GRTC have not reported the name of the driver, or their condition. It’s assumed that the driver’s condition is generally well as there were no injuries reported in connection to the GRTC bus driver.

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