Downtown Expressway Crash Turns Fatal

On November 20th, a downtown expressway crash in Richmond resulted in a fatality. The crash happened on 1-195 in the Westbound lanes late on that Wednesday evening. The car involved was a 2016 Cadillac Escalade, the vehicle ran off the road, struck the guard rail, overcame the guardrail, and hit a pole. Eventually, the Cadillac overturned into the median.

Details are not quite clear, but the Virginia State Police are considering speed to be the top factor in the ultimate cause of the crash. The driver, 51-year-old Dimitri R. Bradley, died at the scene and was reportedly not wearing a seatbelt. The crash is still under investigation, but it appears not to have involved any other drivers or vehicles.

This Wednesday night accident did shut down the ramp on the freeway near Prowhite Parkway Expressway. The police are continuing their investigation, although the scene reopened after only a few hours. This crash is one among many in recent accidents along this expressway. It’s clear that holiday traffic, negligent driving behavior, and other factors are playing major roles in these late-in-the-year accidents.

For now, Richmond Police and Virginia State Police are hoping to resolve these cases quickly. Ideally, drivers will all act with caution, observe the changes in the road and weather conditions, and adjust their speed accordingly. It’s also imperative that all drivers and passengers wear safety belts as it’s not just the law; it can save a life.

As Richmond Police continue their investigation, it’s likely that this will be quietly closed. Given that it was a single-car crash with no outstandingly injured persons in recovery, there’s probably not going to be follow up on this accident. Always drive safely and look out for steep turns that may require you to reduce speed significantly to handle it safely.

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