Don’t Forget These Types of Distracted Driving

Outside of texting and talking on the phone, there are many types of distracted driving. In fact, it may be the key to your car accident case. When you begin working with accident lawyers, you can learn much more about strong positions for your claim. An insurance claim will likely go through minimal review or processing before a company makes a marginalized offer to you that most people feel that they have to accept.

Don’t accept a minimal offer, instead of fight with proper legal representation for the compensation that you need and deserve. If the person who caused your wreck was distracted behind the wheel, then they failed to provide you with the proper duty of care.

Eating While Driving

Is it a crime? No, but it is a distraction. While it may have seemed safe to take a drink from a straw or a bite of a burrito, it may have put you and everyone else on the road at risk. Accidents from eating while driving happens frequently. It’s one of the more common types of distracted driving.

While it may not be more debilitating than texting while driving, eating while on the road can come with the same damage extent. Similar to texting while driving, people who are distracted by food or drinks are unable to react at all before the collision. That means that they will impact other vehicles at full force.

The Radio, Navigation Systems, and Passengers

Although it can be difficult to prove, many drivers are distracted by the radio, GPS, and other passengers. These distractions are most likely to impact younger drivers as they have not heard years of experience in working past these distractions.

However, if you believe that your crash came as a result of someone fiddling with the radio or trying to work their GPS, you may be able to prove fault. Fault is a major factor in any car crash. From the time you inform the police to the time you receive your compensation check in the mail, the issue will almost always come down to who was at fault.

Proving that someone was using the radio or talking to passengers is not as easy as proving that someone was using their phone. In these cases, you will likely need statements from witnesses regarding who was doing what at the time of the crash. Additionally, these situations may come to light as passengers give their statements.

When working with navigation systems, you can likely identify if they were using the system or making changes at the time of the accident. It’s vital that you use the technology available to identify if there was a distraction present in your accident.

Call A Car Accident Lawyer in Richmond, VA

A car accident attorney will put much more effort into looking for the root cause of the crash. Insurance companies will rush a claim through with little concern of anything other than minimizing your payout.

Auto crash lawyers will often look at the evidence objectively and focus on continuing the claim through to a reasonable settlement offer. In some cases, it may be vital to go to court if a fair settlement offer isn’t made.

Crash Injuries from Distracted Drivers

Talking on your phone, engaging with passengers, or eating can all lead to similar injuries. For the distracted driver and their passengers, it’s likely that they will sustain injuries from the impact as they will collide with the other vehicle, or vehicles, at full force.

For the other car, likely your vehicle if you were recently in this type of crash. You may have taken on fractures, brain injuries, or other serious injuries. Distracted drivers will often hit cars that are moving at lower speeds or are entirely stationary.

An Accident Lawyer in Richmond, VA Can Help

Work with an accident lawyer from the Richmond, VA Commonwealth Accident Injury Law offices. Call our law offices to speak with an accident lawyer about your crash. Your crash likely had some level of fault with the other driver, and distraction may have played a large role in the matter.

Proving that the other driver involved was distracted may be difficult. An attorney can help connect you with crash recreation experts, comb through your police report, and more to show your case. A strong case is your only opportunity to get the full amount of compensation. Otherwise, you’ll be fighting with attorneys and insurance companies hoping to get enough to cover your injuries.

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