Can I Get Compensation for a Norfolk Truck Accident?

Truck accident lawyer

The risk posed by commercial vehicles and semi-trucks is too eminent to be ignored in all of Virginia, including Norfolk. Since semi-trucks are massive behemoths packing lots of momentum and are hard to stop in time, the damages done by a truck accident are severe in most cases. Physically, emotionally, and financially – truck crashes…

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Who Is Liable for a School Bus Accident in Virginia?

Virginia school bus accident

School buses are an integral part of the daily traffic on the roads in Virginia. They are built to provide extra security to students, and driven by specially trained persons. Their safety features include reinforced sides, bright color to make them visible in traffic, flashing lights and stop signs and cross-view mirrors for the driver.…

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Why Are Virginia 18 Wheeler Accidents So Dangerous?

18 wheeler accidents

Did you know that Virginia is one of the most at-risk states when it comes to fatal 18 wheeler accidents? It holds a dangerously higher up position on the threat scale, by some estimates, it is easily among the top 14! The state’s roadways are not ideal when it comes to facilitating commercial trucks and…

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Who Can I Sue for My Truck Accident?

Who to sue for a truck accident in Virginia Beach

Auto accidents are scary and traumatizing experiences. However, those involved in trucking accidents have it relatively worse. Because trucks are large vehicles, crashes involving trucks are usually among the deadliest accidents in Virginia. There are several causes of truck wrecks in Virginia. These include reckless driving, distracted driving, negligent driving, mechanical failure, inclement weather conditions,…

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Who Can Be Sued After A Truck Accident In Richmond, VA?

Who can be sued after a car accident

Motor vehicle accidents with commercial trucks and semi-trucks are some of the most devastating of the lot because these behemoths pack a ton of momentum when traveling at high speeds, making them exceptionally dangerous. While following traffic rules and driving safely does help counter the probability of being in an accident, in most cases, these…

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Why Is There Such a Bias Against Truck Drivers in Norfolk?

Norfolk truck accident attorney

Like it or not, a lot of people don’t have a lot of nice things to say about truck drivers. That’s because the trucks they drive are huge. These machines can be intimidating. People also tend to remember the times they saw a truck driving behaving recklessly. They don’t notice the hundreds of truckers they…

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News: Tractor-trailer accident shuts down Chesterfield County road

A truck speeding down a Falls Church highway at night.

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA – A tractor-trailer accident slowed down traffic in a portion of Chesterfield County Thursday morning, according to WRIC. Officials said the truck driver was trying to cross under a bridge on Reymet Road beneath Interstate 95 when the vehicle struck the bridge and became stuck. All lanes in both directions of Reymet…

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3 injured when truck slams into Virginia Beach home

Driver Plows into Rear of Tractor Trailer in Williamsburg, Virginia

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – Police are investigating after a truck slammed into a home in Virginia Beach Wednesday afternoon, leaving three people injured. According to WAVY, emergency crews responded to the 400 block of Sedgewick Court shortly after 3 p.m.  They found that a truck had partially crashed into a home and ignited a small…

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